We are in beta stage!


November 5, 2018


Yibby is a rideshare app to help drivers and riders find the optimum price with bidding. It directly connects drivers with riders to negotiate a price for an empowering experience in less than 30 seconds!

How does it work?

The rider selects a pickup and dropoff location, and picks a dollar amount that they want to pay for the ride. The app shows you a suggested price and the driver pickup ETA.
Once a ride is requested, the bid goes to 3 nearest drivers. The first driver to accept your bid, wins! This entire process takes less than 30 seconds.

“ Riders and drivers deserve complete transparency and freedom to make informed decisions in ridesharing — and with Yibby they get just that ”

What do our riders get from it?

  • Consistent, upfront, and fixed fares
  • No surge
  • Ride in less than 30 seconds

What do our drivers get from it?

  • Upfront earnings and ride details (pickup, dropoff, pickup ETA).
  • OK to reject bids if you don’t like the amount, pickup, dropoff, or traffic.
  • 100% money from the ride goes to our drivers during Beta.
  • We value our drivers - 10% for life :-)

Supported platforms

Currently, the app is only available for iPhone/iOS. The Android app is in the works and we'll let you know when it'll be available.

Pickup restriction

  • The pickup location will be restricted to San Francisco Market St. Area during Beta; the drop off can be anywhere.
  • Rides can only be requested from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM on weekdays (Mon-Fri).
  • Our drivers will be proximity of the area shown in the map below.

Customer Service/ Bug Reports

If you have any questions or concerns, please use Live Chat on the bottom right of our website, or just send us an email at support@yibbyapp.com.

Filing bugs is easy - Just ‘shake’ the app -> Report a problem -> Enter your email -> bug description. Screenshot is automatically taken. It also supports video recording of the whole incident.

Payments and Promotions

Rider Credit Card Authorization

Once you bid, you’ll see a $5 authorization charge on your credit card. In any case, this authorization charge should disappear from your statement within 24 to 48 hours.

Driver payouts

  • Drivers are paid weekly - every Wednesday at 4:00 AM with their last week earnings using ACH transfers to their bank account.
  • Sunday is the first day of the week. A week’s earning will include rides serviced from Sunday 12:00 AM to Saturday 11:59 PM.

Cancellation Policy

  • A rider can cancel the ride at no charge within 2 minutes after the bid is accepted.
  • A $5 fee may be charged if the rider cancels after the 2 minutes grace period.
  • Once the driver arrives at the pickup location, the ride cannot be cancelled.
  • The driver can cancel any time before arriving at the pickup location.

Referral bonus (for riders and drivers)

  • $5 referral bonus for every referred rider or driver after they complete at least 1 ride.
  • This money will be paid to you via Venmo in 2-3 business days. We’ll follow up with you to get your Venmo id.

$5 off first 5 rides (for riders)

  • Sign up during our Beta to instantly receive this offer.
  • As you complete your rides, the money will be paid to you via Venmo in 2-3 business days. We’ll follow up with you to get your Venmo id.

0% cut during Beta (for drivers)

For the duration of our Beta Program, our drivers who sign-up and test our app will get 100% of the fare (except the credit card swipe fee 2-3%). We will not take anything from you. This will change to the 10% for life promotion once we launch as mentioned below.

10% cut for life (for drivers)

Drivers who sign up for our beta program will get 10% cut for life. This means we will only take 10% cut from our drivers once we officially launch.