Transparency at every corner.

It's time for you to take control of your rides and set your own price.

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All the tools you'll need

Whether you're driving full-time or part-time, Yibby's transparency and ease of use provides drivers an empowering experience.

  • Earnings Control

    Name your price

    Yibby wants to put the control in your hands. Choose the fares that meet your needs and start earning money.

    Drivers can hit their target earnings by easily accepting trips they want with a swipe of their finger.

  • Full Transparency

    Peace of mind

    We provide transparent qualitative data for riders and drivers to understand their trips.

    No more guessing about how much percent is taken from your trips. We promise 20%.

  • 360° Ownership

    Experience quality

    Yibby provides a powerful experience that connects riders and drivers in a new way.

    Riders and drivers, not us, are the main parties that set the price of the trips. We just provide a platform for the two to find one another.

  • “The bidding concept will remove the shackles of weekly bonuses.”
    George C. — Driver
    San Francisco, CA
  • “Uber shows me the price upfront. But, sometimes it charges me more later.”
    Abhinav T. — Rider
    San Francisco, CA
  • “I look forward to stop chasing bogus bonuses to make ends meet.”
    Erick N. — Driver
    San Francisco, CA
  • “@SFO My flight lands and Lyft shows $25 to Sunnyvale. Baggage Claim - $30. Outside the gate - $45. Ridiculous!”
    Kishy K. — Rider
    Sunnyvale, CA
  • “Finally, an app that understands the needs of riders and drivers.”
    Omar K. — Rider & Driver
    Hayward, CA

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